Friday, June 12, 2009

Sepang 1000km

I spent the whole Saturday in SIC last weekend watching the 1000km race. Lots of team participated in the sub-2,000cc class and the Type-R Racing Team return with a bang with their Integra DC2 by snapping first overall. Ah Lai from R-Engineering took home second overall and first in Class 2 (1600cc) with his EK. Chris from Pentagon were fourth with his J's Racing tuned DC2 (Oh hey! I managed to shake hands and had a little chat with the President of J's Racing - Junichi Umemoto. He was one of the driver for the DC2 together with Chris and another Japanese. I entirely forgot to ask him to put his signature on my car's roof lining tho. LOL). Too bad Tung Chun's beautifully prepped EK did not make it due to some electrical problems. The car was piloted by the famous Rhommell Singh from ROM Tuning Singapore and Ian Lee. Better luck next time boys!

Oh well, enjoy some of the picture collection. Was too lazy to snap more. See you guys. @ MME 2009.

My friend Goon waiting for his turn to get in the car.

Full result here:

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