Friday, January 29, 2010

Bat From Hell is up for sale :(

A sad day for me as my friend Adlan is letting go his K24 Civic Type-R EP3. Bigger commitment is coming his way so this car shall make way to the new owner. Knowing Adlan and his addiction to racing he surely will be making a return later this year on track, perhaps with the brand new FD2R...or maybe a continental with a DSG gearbox. We'll have to wait and see :) .

Basic K24 setup (balanced), and it’s a RBB block so can high rev.
Toda A2 cams Greedy E-manage blue with ignition harness
K&N filter with custom CAI.
2.5” full elbow bent stainless steel piping with custom Js/Toda style exhaust
Koyo dual layer aluminum radiator
Energy Suspension engine mount inserts.
Js Racing engine damper.
Stock 6 speed LSD gearbox with Exedy Super Single race clutch and Kaaz gear oil
Engine has no leaks or squeaks – all worn-out seals/gaskets/bearings/beltings have been replaced.

Currently is running at a modest but healthy 218 WHP, 23.48 Torque – Engine is limited to what the e-manage can currently provide for it. Will easily get 230-235whp and around 24-25 lb of torque with Hondata…maybe even more... I’ll just leave it to the next owner…. Miahahahaha…

Chassis and Wheels
Ori R Springs with Showa Performance Shocks
Ori 17” Advan RZ wheels with Kumho Ecsta KU36 tyres (F) and Toyo R888 (R) – Will also give extra 2 pieces of R888s as spare.
Mintex 500c brake pads (front)Endless 500c brake pads (rear)
Super Pro bushings on the major bushes
Front and rear adjustable chamber kits

All the normal R goodies – Red Recaros (No tears/holes etc), Red R floor mats, R-gearknob, Xenon headlights, Momo steering wheel with red stitching….
Pivot speed meter
Pivot volt stabilizers
Ori Sparco pedals
Kenwood Double Din CD player
Customed rear spoiler
New wiper blades… heheh

Yes this car is tracked, but what are sports cars for? But the car is in good condition, and well maintained, regardless of cost. Mods different la, that one got limit la … Its serviced every 3000km and maintained by Harry of S&D Motorsports (he’s at PowerCube in Sunway for the moment). Its kept under the car porch all the time. Selling coz it’s underutilized. It’s a weekend car only, and even that is getting seldom nowadays. On top of that, I’ve bought a new house which was a tiny bit unplanned, so this has to go for the time being...

Price: RM110,000. (All in)RM107,000. (I take out the Advan RZ and put civic rims or something Taiwan)

Call 012-5200343. Serious buyers pls call, no sms. Preferable viewing times is after work hours or weekends...

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Replacement Emblem

I am not very sure how I lost the front emblem. Either it was stolen or flew off while I was speeding, which is a bit illogical since it has two screws tighten to the grill. Well, shit happens. Decided not to grieve about this, I bought the replacement last weekend from Exceptional Auto Parts in Glenmarie, Shah Alam and it costs me RM250 from my wallet. So much to pay for this red emblem don't you think so?

You can get almost everything from Exceptional for your 'JDM Type-R' need; from head/block assembly to the smallest thing such as the decals and interior emblems. Since everything is brand new, do come in with a thick wallet. For example, the facelift DC5 front headlight HOUSING costs RM1,600 for one side. That makes RM3,200 a pair NOT INCLUSIVE of the bulbs and HID system. Oh yes, the shop does not have any credit card facility so you might want to bring loads of cash.

Last but not least, the boss man is nottt that friendly so do not expect warm reception once you open their door. Scroll down for the address. If you have the relevant part number you can always call to check on prices and availability before visiting them. Its good to be prepared otherwise you'll be wandering around the shop not knowing what to get.

I found the front emblem part no. from this YouTube video. LOL!

LOL of The Day: Malaysia VS Singapore on Honda-Tech.

I'm not really a big fan of drag racing, but seeing the endless battle of Malaysian and Singaporean on who's faster/who's got bigger hp/who's got bigger balls will always trigger my interest on this motorsport community. We've seen before on YouTube; few posted videos being flamed by each other (remember the fast Satria which smoked the R34 GTR?). Now the war continues on foreign online forum. Get yourself a cup of iced coffee and a pack of crackers, lay back on your chair and enjoy the show. Regardless of the silly remarks thrown to each other, the EG6 build is simply stunning.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


You can get all this somewhere around Shah Alam area. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Faking it!

I had a long chat with Chris that day while waiting for my brake hoses to be installed. One of the burning topic we discussed is about 'counterfeit' products. So recently the Honda community in USA was shocked by the news of AJ Racing - one of the leading Japanese aftermarket parts speacialist - selling fake J's Racing products. Being the official distributor for J's Racing, what they did was simply illicit and downright dirty. Their action that caused a disrupt with the Japanese powerhouse was; Making copies from the original products, packed it up nicely as if it's genuinely 'Made in Japan' and sell it off the customers at the same price (or slightly cheaper). Now that's the easiest way to get more sales right?

This matter has caught the attention of Junichi Umemoto, president of J's Racing and latest development that I know of is that they're taking legal actions towards AJ Racing. I hope AJ will have all the means to defend themselves from the furious Japanese wrath. It is unacceptably painful when you spend your hard-earned cash paying full price for imported parts and ended up getting knockoffs. This sort of business practice should not be tolerated at all and let alone given any second chance.

So the question now would be, who's monitoring the aftermarket parts aunthenticity here in our country? I've seen, heard and almost experienced getting duped but so far no stringent action taken against the so-called 'sole distributor' , yet. A friend of mine, paid almost RM5,000 for a Hondata K-pro but only after a year he found out that his car was actually equipped with a K-100, which is almost RM2,000 cheaper. This gross act of 'profiteering' happened recently and he had almost contacted Hondata to lodge a report but matter was settled swiftly by the seller. So please be vigilant when you're getting parts for your car. A good combination of knowledge, experience and alertness will surely help you getting the real deal.

Fake and genuine J's exhaust. Looks almost similar doesn't it?

Junichi Umemoto's Blog regarding the fake parts: (check out the diplomatically humble letter from J's!)

Consumers respond from

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pekan Time Attack - Round 1 - 17/01/2010

The inaugural Pekan Time Attack Challenge 2010 was held last weekend at the Inderapura Go-kart track in Pekan, Pahang. This event was co-organized by few workshop owners from Kuantan and it was considered the first being done outside Klang Valley. More than 30 cars (the largest percentage came from Honda) participated in the Proton Savvy class, 1600 class and Open which my friend, Daymen showed his superb driving skills to secure the fastest time of the day with his CR-X.

Enjoy the random shots I took.... Don't wet yourself coz the East Coast cars are banging hard..Hehe.

The course: Poorly stitched using Microsoft Paint. Hahaha.

Eh. Red DC5 Type R? That's a rare sight...

Omar's EG. Looks wicked with the Spoon theme. Just imagine if the K20A resides under the hood.

I smile each time I see EF pass me by.

Law's Wiralution..Wonder why he never drives his Evo 8 MR for racing?

This SM4 Accord is fast.

Old school gangster

Ah Fai's 2L DC2 Type-R

Daymen piloting to victory.


Dude, where's my car?

Aaaahhhhh x 100

I'm just gonna wet myself sitting in this seat, top down.

Oh look. Nissan familia is here too!

Bakhtiar's S204. The sound is awesome!

Alvin's 'turbocharged' EK.

Facelift DC5 with carbon fiber bonnet and Mugen Type-S kit.

Ah Poa's beautiful S2000.

A fleet of Savvies..

Nice DC5 asses.

Alvin's damaged rear end didn't deter him from getting third place.

Full-carbon Savvy?!?! No Comment...

Daymen, Baktiar and Alvin with their throphies. Congratulations guys!

The full result.