Monday, July 19, 2010

Pasir Gudang Revisited 2010

So it's been 2 months since my last post. I'm glad to let you guys know that I have lost 13kgs with the running and diet. I'm very proud of what I have achieved over the past few months but sadly to say nothing's changed on Black Mamba...Yet. Haha. Funds for Black Mamba were channeled to my running gears now. LOL. I have been rather passive on the forum as well but recently when the boys proposed to have a visit to Johor Circuit, I knew that Black Mamba will be there (or "must be there" is more suitable? :P) and screaming with the other Type-Rs on the track.

A date was set and on 17th July the boys came down from KL to meet few of us in JB. Adlan and Farhan drove down together while Azri, Farouk, Ali and myself came the night before. We headed down to Tung Chun to fix few things, had lunch and head off to the track around 1pm. We registered for an hour session which costs RM70 (RM150 if you take 3 hours!) and drove in the pit to get ready. Did nothing much on the car except for adjusting my Tein Flex to the hardest setting and checked the tire pressure. The post-rain weather was beautiful to race so right at 2.30pm we hit the rough tarmac of Johor Circuit.

Did my warm up lap and enjoyed the car about 6-7 laps before cooling down. I notice that the Kumho Ecstas were performing extremely well when it's warmed up and this was proven on T3 where previously when I was using the Eagle RS Sport, the car tend to undeersteer. But with this Ecstas all I need to do was to drop on 3rd gear after the car sliding out from T2 and control the throttle. The grip level did not allow the car to enter understeer mode so it was easy for me to manouvre the steering. I was smiling and laughing as if I was running on semi-slicks..haha. Second round marked Black Mamba's best performance after almost a year hibernating...together with an unexpected thing happened during the battle. All of us went out together and I managed to hold the lead for 4 laps (not bad for a stock car eh? haha) until I heard a loud bang came from the bottom of the car. A good friend of mine was my passenger and he noticed that as well. The thought of something had broken made me slow down and let Adlan, Ali, Farouk and the rest took over and I entered the pit. I check every thing underneath the car and found nothing at all. Everything was in its place. Strange. So I went to pop the hood to cool down the engine and then I had the biggest surprise of the day..the billet Skunk2 oil cap is gone! The oil was all over the engine so I had to get a rag to replace the cap and that's it, retirement for Black Mamba. Only Farouk continued to run another hour and I had the chance to be in his semi-track DC5. Way out of Black Mamba's league..hahaha..

We all ended up the day by having the famous Tepian Tebrau ikan bakar and headed for an impromptu movie later at night. What a way to spend a Saturday with your friends! Enjoy the photos from my camera and two videos from one of the spectators..too bad my friend have not yet uploaded the onboard videos of my run :)

John's 2005 DC5 with complete Modulo Kit and Advan RS

Pilgrimage to meet K sifu for blessing. :D

Tung Chun Racing: The one stop centre for Malaysia K-series owner

Farouk's custom half cage. Mental.

Farhan's brand new 2009 facelift FD2R. I don't fancy the taillights.

Helping Farouk putting on his Michelin full slicks.

I love my gloves.

Ali getting ready.

Adlan's K24 Wombat with new 2005 headlights and Hondata!

A sight many people missed. Black Mamba coming out to play. Hahahaa....

Ali had fun with his new setup: Higher rate Swift springs on APEXi N1 dampers and 1 day old Federal 595 RSR tires!

Farhan taking it easy with his new car. Very not like him at all.

Ali and C200 Merc. The Merc is running on SR20DET!

Azri's DC5 looking ganas with the CF bonnet.

Farhan trying to prove his point of being slow in the FD2R haha.

Black Mamba and K24 Wombat reunited once again. Note the RE30s on the EP3.

John's meaty K20A. Pumping 235whp now.

Premature ejaculation during the last few minutes of the hour. Bummer! Had to go back to Tung Chun to get a replacement oil cap.

Bien's Euro-R CF4. This is a great family car

Not sure what Ali's trying to do here.

Group photo will always be the best during any activities

The girls..Wish we could have more :)

Farouk's free running


Loki said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend dude but bad luck with the oil cap! :/

Oh and I wish Johor Corp would take better care of the Pasir Gudang race track *sigh*. The state government needs to appoint a new caretaker.

Now the question is whether you'll be able to do any running during fasting month, which is fast approaching hehe ;). Prepare to lari selapas buka or before sahor!

me or you said...


Luck was never on my side in PG. Last year the hydro mount burst. This year oil cap flew off and yesterday I just found out my windscreen has a small crack under the wiper. Probably happened during one of the laps. Sigh.

I think PG is well managed, but as you said there few things that can be improved. The track looks very old indeed!

As for my running in fasting month, I will be doing it after berbuka. But no crazy long runs for me tho. Have to wait till raya. 25km marathon and my wedding are next! :)

noname_yma said...

wow...stim dengar K20

Reyza! said...

yo bro.. aha.. td bru je park depan kereta bro dekat event time attack..blackmamba looks fantastic up close.. lame x update blog bro..nice vids anyways..

Andrew said...

are you running with out your PCV valve intact? that explains your blowing oil cover, soon you'll get leaks over the cam cover & gbox casing due to extreme crank preassure. the hose to the intake from the cam cover is there for a reason. :)