Monday, May 25, 2009

Riot in Sepang

Goddammit! After more than 3 months of waiting, the petrolheads stormed Sepang International Circuit for its not-so-regular open Track. When this happened, the track was bloody overcrowded with fast and slow cars last Sunday 24/05/2009. Where else you can get paying RM200 to race with Porsche GT MME race car and stock, daily driven Toyota Altis at the same time, on the same track? Its all here in Sepang.

It was a very meaningful day especially when I got to drive the DC5 for the first time on this track, but it was also challenging and IRRITATING as well. Especially when a track car is tailgating you or cars that are not that fast sitting on your racing line. Maybe both. Or shall I also include the drivers that were inconsiderate, and trying to show to only-god-knows-who that they can rule Sepang but failed?

As expected, LOTS of incident occured yesterday. This sort of thing is a norm when you drive with other 100 cars on the track. I saw one spanking new Civic FD2R t-boned a track car at one turn. Both were chasing for the racing line. None of them were giving up for no apparent reason and bang! Both car were totaled. There goes their championship trophy. Haha. There were also LOTS of other car spun off everywhere on the track, particularly on T7 & T8 (check out the vid below). And the best one goes to a friend's Evo7 (Bunyamin) which caught fire from the engine! Something was wrong somewhere and the fire came from the turbo and the coil if im not wrong. He acted swiftly by pulling the car over and luckily the track marshalls were ready with fire extinguishers otherwise the whole car might be burned. Each time accident happens, red flag will be waved by the marshalls and you have to return to the pit. It was kinda disappointing at times when you have to go back in after only a few minutes on the track. Hopefully SIC management will consider organizing this track day regularly and separating the track cars and other road legal cars on a different session.

Anyways, I am glad that I came back in one piece and will definitely join again next time. Enjoy the pics and video below!

Aaron's successful DIY tripod holder, but unfortunately his camera's memory card FAILED. Haha.

Type-Rs ready to rumble.

The queue was this LONG

"Pasar Ahad @ SIC"

Renault R26 was ferocious!

Mini VTEC yo!

This NEO R3 pek corner like there's no tomorrow.

Ali queing.





Nobody wants to be in this DC2 at this point.

EK, drifting.. the grass. Fail.

Check out Bunyamin's car on fire at the back! He must be very fast! Haha.

I seriously hope it was not Bun standing in front of the FE.

Federal highway at 5pm.

This FD2R was badly damaged after colliding with a Satria track car. Speedy recovery mate.

Nasty eh?

The Vid. Check out 4:20.


noname_yma said...

dem i missed this event

SHAH RIZAN said...

moer...slamba ko lupakan honda oren ko...