Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dyno Run Part II

I had the opportunity to dynorun my car two weeks ago. Since I haven't done any reading after removing the catalyctic converter, I went to Sunway to satisfy my curiosity on any gain/loss of power. Infact, I have removed the mid box of my APEXi N1 exhaust couple of weeks ago so with full of anticipation on the new straight flow exhaust setup, I left the keys in good hands of Jacky from JC Racing for the runs.

It was 12pm in the afternoon, it was hot, 4 runs were done but the result was quite impressive. Additional 10whp and almost 1kg/m of torque were born from this setup. I grinned, but at the same time concerned on richter-scale-lookalike graph. Again, I decided NOT to fine tune the ignition and others with the Emanage Ultimate and Vmanage this time. Let's have another bolt on stuff plugged on to the engine and give it a one shot tuning. One thing that I love to see is that there's no longer a dip on power and torque during vtec engagement. The A/F ratio at 13.55 can also be considered good for daily dose of 8500rpm revving.

Still being curious over the graph, I decided to post it for a professional feedback and comment and this is the reply from Paul Hughes, the Managing Director of Buddy Club UK (they own one of the badass DC5 track car in the world) :

Hi Meor,

I have studied your graph, The very high Humidity reading in the second test could knock the power down, so you can not compare the two readings as an improvement for a specific change or addition of a product.

Your Vtec change over point looks like it needs optimising,as it might be coming from secondry to high cam too soon or too late. ,and fuel will need re doing on each cam angle.That is causing a big torque flat spot, (we had this problem last week but sorted it with a few hours on the dyno).


Few hours on the dyno....What more can I say? :-P

Thanks to Paul for the brilliant respond.

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