Tuesday, April 28, 2009

K is in.

I can sense that more and more K-swap EGs and EKs will roam the streets of Malaysia in the near future. It has started, at a slow pace but the realization is surely crawling up in our Honda community.

Photos were taken at a workshop in Shah Alam and this shining, 2,000km FD2R engine is waiting to be transplanted to a new body, presumably a 2-door EK. I guess end is nigh for the "mmmmBBBAAAAAAAAAAAA" DOHC VTEC moniker as the progressive, VTC-driven iVTEC is getting all the attention now...maybe..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

J's Racing C-Pillar Bar

Went to SS Racing at Old Klang Road with the boys last weekend and ended up with an impulsive purchase of this J's Racing C-pillar tie bar. There are couple of other irresistable 'stiff stuff' for the DC5 but this is the most rarest to be on Joe's shelf, at least to me. After all the car is already equipped with OEM rear and front 4-point strut brace. So its not necessary for me to buy everything bling-bling coz Black Mamba is already (or almost) a pimped out ride. At this present moment, what I really need is 'function over form'. But damn..still can't get over the Cusco Titanium 4-point strut brace (as light as a pack of condom). Hopefully it is still available end of this month. LOL.

No need further explanation on its purpose as y'all know this thing will enhance the rear chassis rigidity during hard cornering. But its kinda strange, after installing this I dont feel much difference on the stiffness. Most probably the rear section of the car is already hardened with the Tein Flex c/w Swift springs and the Cusco ARB..plus the car is relatively new. Unlike on my 20 years old EF, the difference before and after installation is world's apart.

Installation took less than 10mins with the correct tools.

This is where it is bolted. The rear seatbelt bracket.

Ok kah?

The good ol' days of installing the c-pillar bar on my EF. Photos were taken 4 years back if I'm not wrong. Took us whole day to take off the rear panels, weld two nuts on the rear seatbelt foundation, and re-installing the panels..

But all the hardwork paid off..

And very appealing from the back.. Track ready!

How about the Miracle Cross Bar for the next replacement? Ballinnnnn'

1. Cost: RM350 (Second gen pillar bar price is about RM750)

2. Where: Pentagon Enterprise - www.pentagon.com.my

3. Link: http://www.jsracing-net.com/catalog/product.php?productid=628&cat=6&page=1

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pivot Racing Monitor

I’ve been drooling for one of these since it debut not long time ago. The compact size and its direct plug and play ability on OBD2 ECU attracted me to make the purchase. This Pivot Racing Monitor RM-07 is meant for those who are tired of seeing the typical A'PEXi RevSpeed Meter (RSM) stacked on the dash, only to see it being stolen if discovered by the thief. Although the features are not as comprehensive as the RSM, it is good for me to get to know few essential data of my car such as:

- Digital speed display (I never knew how fast did I go after the speed cut was removed by the e-manage)

- Water temperature (RSM doesn’t have this)

- Digital tachometer

- Sequential shift light (literally makes me feel like driving an F1 car yo)

- Gear position (too bad Honda cars doesn’t have any sensor on the gearbox, therefore no gear position is displayed. Bummer!)

Since the DC5 dashboard has no secluded area to mount the RSM, and the RSM is in my EF, this tiny Pivot thingy was stacked right on the gauge cluster. The reason being for me not to mount it on the steering console is....coz I'm sitting damn low on the Bride and could only see the LEDs. This is the RPM display.

Water temperature display.

The best feature of all. The sequential shiftlight. I've set the shift point at 2000rpm and the first blink goes on at 1000rpm..

At another 500rpm interval...the second LED will flash..

Once you hit the shifting point, all three LEDs will be flashing like mad and you know what that means? Hit the brake. Of coz not dammit. Its time to shift the gear.

You think this shot will make it to Honda Tuning? LOL.

1. Cost: RM580 (Before discount)

2. Where: JC Racing -

3. Link/Demo: Pivot Racing Monitor - http://pivotjp.com/product/flame-rm-07-e.html


Jerry and Gareth are no strangers to Honda. Previously owning Prelude and few Civics, they have moved on to the Integra DC5 since last year. So far they have been doing it the right way, with the right mods. Prepare some tissues or towel in your car as you might be having nosebleed if you bumped with these two on the road.

Jerry's 2003 DC5 c/w full Mugen Kit (New Facelift Sideskirt + Rear Bumper) and Gunmetal Advan RZ 17 x 8.

Gareth's 2003 DC5 c/w full Mugen Kit and Limited Edition Volk Racing Time Attack CE28N 17 x 7.5.

Pics were taken during last week's meet and more will posted soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The First Service

Black Mamba was due for its first service. Since I have given the free M7 engine oil to my dad, I decided to buy the Blitz engine oil and Redline gear oil from N1 Racing, Sunway for my car this time.

Post-Service Comments:

1. Blitz Racing Engine Oil: I have never tried any Blitz product before as I've always stick to one brand, namely Motul. But this 5W-40 grade Super Synthetic oil is quite nice for the K20A engine. The HVI (High Viscosity Index) is the main reason for me to buy this as I prefer not to wait for my car to warm-up early in the morning. Hey its a 2005 engine yo. Whats warming-up by the way?

2. Redline Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil: I had a very bad experience with failed gearbox syncromesh on my B16A previously. I have used the thinner Motul FF-LSD, 90PA and Castrol GTX but the gear seems to be crunching more and more. The gearbox was then rebuilt with new syncromesh and I started using this Redline ever since (the oil looks very dirty, blueish color and very thick). So for this first service, Im using the same oil for Black Mamba's SM4C gearbox. As you know that lots of DC5R has the 2nd gear crunching issue (they even created a petition in ClubRSX.com to be given to Acura), and mine is the same. Although it is not as bad and as often as my Civic but the sound of the gear grinding to each other is really annoying. Once I have put in the 'blue elixir', the gearbox is definitely smoother and finally, I can sleep soundly at night.

3. Costs (some discounts were given, you need to ask):

a. Blitz Engine Oil = RM130 x 3 Cans (4 ltrs each - extra for next service)
= RM390.00
b. Redline Gear Oil = RM55 x 2 Bottles = RM110.00
c. OEM Oil Filter + Labor (Hiper Racing) = RM65 (Just because I drive a DC5, it has to be expensive)

Redline -

Jenson Button

Is he a true racer, or was it just luck? No. Its the the rear diffuser that helped him won back to back in Aussie and Sepang. LOL.

Thursday, April 2, 2009