Wednesday, April 22, 2009

J's Racing C-Pillar Bar

Went to SS Racing at Old Klang Road with the boys last weekend and ended up with an impulsive purchase of this J's Racing C-pillar tie bar. There are couple of other irresistable 'stiff stuff' for the DC5 but this is the most rarest to be on Joe's shelf, at least to me. After all the car is already equipped with OEM rear and front 4-point strut brace. So its not necessary for me to buy everything bling-bling coz Black Mamba is already (or almost) a pimped out ride. At this present moment, what I really need is 'function over form'. But damn..still can't get over the Cusco Titanium 4-point strut brace (as light as a pack of condom). Hopefully it is still available end of this month. LOL.

No need further explanation on its purpose as y'all know this thing will enhance the rear chassis rigidity during hard cornering. But its kinda strange, after installing this I dont feel much difference on the stiffness. Most probably the rear section of the car is already hardened with the Tein Flex c/w Swift springs and the Cusco the car is relatively new. Unlike on my 20 years old EF, the difference before and after installation is world's apart.

Installation took less than 10mins with the correct tools.

This is where it is bolted. The rear seatbelt bracket.

Ok kah?

The good ol' days of installing the c-pillar bar on my EF. Photos were taken 4 years back if I'm not wrong. Took us whole day to take off the rear panels, weld two nuts on the rear seatbelt foundation, and re-installing the panels..

But all the hardwork paid off..

And very appealing from the back.. Track ready!

How about the Miracle Cross Bar for the next replacement? Ballinnnnn'

1. Cost: RM350 (Second gen pillar bar price is about RM750)

2. Where: Pentagon Enterprise -

3. Link:


noname_yma said...

j's bar in gold or blue?

me or you said...

this is the first generation c-pillar bar. looks very much like it was made by cusco (although cusco didnt make any for DC5, except for the b-pillar side bar).

The latest bar on the market is painted in SPL Gold. Yummy.

mivek4doddle said...

js racing had 2 colours for the ek9 version. mine is the 1st gen too :p

noname_yma said...

ic ic.. thinking to install on my hatch but head clearance will be minimal.. sigh..