Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sticky Rubbers

I had couple of bad experiences running on the normal Falken Ziex 522 tires. Spun off twice at tight corners as the grip was very poor. Definitely not suitable for Black Mamba. So I decided to sell it off at a very good price and bought the Goodyear Eagle RS Sport for the replacement. And I've been smiling ever since....

Post Installation Comments:

1. Tires are very sticky due to its semi-slick compound and the performance on wet road is also surprisingly good. Now I have no second thoughts on attacking corners as it really grips hard, eventhough you're on the verge of understeering. LOL. I have tried numerous other high performance street tires before and this RS Sport will be on top of my two other favourites, Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 and Bridgestone Potenza RE01-R.

2. The downside of using this tires after 2 weeks is that the whining sound generated above 80kmh is pretty loud, just like of those real semi-slicks. And you might wanna let go the throttle if you see a puddle of water in front of you..

3. Costs: RM450/piece

4. Where: Various tire suppliers


noname_yma said...

bunge lebih kurang mcm re01r..

hmph said...

Even better tha AD-07's? Wow amazing. I'm using AD07's on my car, and the grip is amazing in the dry ;-) Can't imagine something outside of semi-slicls being stickier

me or you said...


I was sceptical at first when I heard about "Goodyear" tires. But this Eagle RS Sport is a whole different thing than the other Eagles. The grip was awesome at every corners on Johor Circuit, which I went last weekend. Its worth it, believe me.

If you drive at the back of my car you can see the sand n pebbles flying off from the tires. Kinda scary at times to hear the sound of these sand n small stones hitting my tar-less wheel arch. LOL.

Here's another two performance tires you might want to consider for a beating, and its wayy cheaper than the RS Sport, AD07 or RE01-R:

And does anyone know when the AD08 will be available in Malaysia? Been asking around KL but no luck so far.

hmph said...

AD08's should be available July/August I heard. But then again I heard beginning of the year that it'd be here in April! lol! I've taken a when-I-see-it-I'll-believe-it view. And I feel for your wheel arches bro! Ouch! hehe!