Friday, September 17, 2010

RIP brother..

I was very shocked. To receive the news that one of our DC5 Type-R friend passed away in a crash early morning yesterday in Karak was very saddening especially during this festive season. I didn't expect that the boys' normal cruising routine to Genting will be the last to Shazwan. He was ahead of the others but it was very unlucky for him to hit the back of a Scania trailer after the Genting-Sempah tunnel (KL bound). He was sent to ICU but didn't survive after few hours of intensive care. Al-Fatihah and RIP to you Shazwan. You're in a better place now.

P/S: Apparently there a lot of crashes involving DC5 Type-R lately. Indeed the car is fast and fun to drive but whatever it is, RESPECT THE SPEED. Drive safe guys.


Anonymous said...

Kalau x silap nampak kereta ni dekat Balai Polis Gombak. Sejak semalam lagi.


tektik said...

i saw the same dc5 too, blue color.