Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Happy new year peeps! I have been pretty busy with work this month but managed to arrange my time to fix some stuffs on Black Mamba. Last couple of weeks I installed a set of 6.5mm spacers to make the stance go wider on my car. It looks pretty ganas but however due to lack of negative camber at the back, the tires were scraping the fender arch. Argh!

Before the arch starts to eat my tires, I had to list out the possible solution for this. So after talking to some friends, the cheapest and fastest solution than changing to adjustable rear camber kit would be rolling the fender arch. Knowing that some of my friends had done this before, I went to Craftmotorsport in Sunway to settle this issue. Took Ah Loon less than an hour to get the fender rolled with the, um, fender roller. Problem solved with just RM100+!

If you want to get your fender rolled nicely, get it done with the fender roller. The conventional method of knocking the fender like pissed-off Thor is just too primitive in 2011 and can cause damage to the bodywork if it's not done properly. With this fender rolling, just a little bit of gentle knocking needed to bend the fender then it's all good for rolling. The paint might chip off a bit on the inside but was later covered with anti-rust spray.

Where: Craftmotorsport, Sunway - http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=t.698732602#!/CraftMotorsport

Cost: RM1XX. Discuss with Ah Loon.

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