Tuesday, May 3, 2011

R Mega Meet Full Version

Hello guys!! I've been MIA from this blog for almost three months. I am overwhelmed with too many work la. Anyways as promised last February here are the full version of the Mega R meet. Just to recap on the meet, it was totally an impromptu gathering organized by Arif FD2R and myself via ZTH forum and Facebook. The respond was so good we managed to gather more than 90 Type-Rs of many variants (The guys from Singapore came down as well!) plus Tom of ZTH himself came to cover this event. We surely had a good time that night with lucky draws and games where the prizes were sponsored by Pentagon and TintPro. And mind you, the prizes are not just RM50 voucher but they are worth thousands of Ringgit such as security tints voucher, authentic J's Racing t-shirts, discounts on Hondata and much more!

It's such a memorable event for the Honda enthusiasts when the R division assembled at Seri Buloh restaurant parking lot together. The rumbling exhaust note from DC5, FD2, FN2, CL7 turned every heads around the area. People start to drop by to take pics and joined in the fun. It was indeed the ultimate VTEC night for everyone. The only R that is missing that night was the NSX-R. Otherwise the Type-R elements will be complete.

Took damn long time for me to compile and put the pics here so I hope you guys will enjoy the photosets. Till the next post, adios!

Photos by Raja Karim (http://rajakarim.blogspot.com)

Photos by Andrew Khoo (http://www.zerotohundred.com/)

Photos by Sathis (DC5 Group)


Fansuri said...

wow.. steady la bro..... sume tu idaman...

am said...

kalau nak tanya sket boleh..apa beza dc5 uk spec and japan spec?(x tau nak tanya mana dah)..thx

me or you said...

UK punya DC5 semua imported from Japan. So there's no UK Spec DC5 mcm S2000 or EP3. :)