Friday, August 7, 2009

Maxxing Out @ MEX!

Another nite out with the FD2R gang few nites ago. We cruised around KL after having dinner in PJ then headed to MEX highway for the "R" battle. :)

While we were doing the photoshoot at one of the R&R, we saw two SUVs stopped and parked right besides the road. Few men came out and walked towards us. We were like...."Oh man, its the boys in blue!!!" ....and indeed, the few men were wearing blue shirts and it turned to be the biggest surprise to all of us.. it was the TRACY SPORTS team yooooo!!!!!! They were here for the MME and they took the nite out cruising to Putrajaya. They saw the Type-Rs chasing each other on MEX and decided to follow the bunch. LOL. We were speechless as they mingled with us for couple of minutes and even took photos from their own cameras. One of the Japan guys even said "K20, verry good and pawaful!" HAHAH. Let's hope that we can see our photos inside their web soon.

It was a rare experience for us though, to have met one of the hardcore Japanese Honda tuner in the midde of the night by the roadside of MEX! The boys were too excited to meet with Tracy they forgot to snap pics using their DSLRs..Bummer!

Here's a little quote i thought of few moments ago. This goes to all the "Nightkids" of the highways. "He who has removed the speedcut shall win". Ha ha ha!

Photo courtesy of Ary FD2R.

Visit Tracy Sports @ and watch them race in MME2009 with Spoon, 5Zigen, J's Racing this weekend!


Firdaus Asri said...


Tracy Sport guys probably thinking opening up their branch in here so that they can give you vtecs kaki goliath worth of poisons.

You guys must be fast in MEX, 250km/h no sweat :)

Darkside said...

Man wish I could follow you guys man.. My cooper S is cannot match or even follow the K20s man.. Soon...

cicakgila said...

hey there, nice blog, 197whp with an almost completely stock car... very impressive. i hate my car now. thanks alot! :)