Monday, October 5, 2009

Singapore S2000 Mega Meet

While waiting for Black Mamba's project to be completed, why not feast our eyes with the convertibles pornography from the Lion City. The meet was held last week somewhere in Singapore and as you can see probably more than 15 AP1 & AP2 S2000s were present. It's no big deal to see a gathering for Honda's only convertible, but what surprises me is that majority of the S2000 were neatly done with exotic (and expensive) mods. Just look at them GT-wings, bodykits, rollcage, wide wheels, hardtops, etc. These are the proven recipes that made the S2000 in a class of its own.

A conclusion I can make after seeing this is that the modification scene is no longer a trend. Not only it has become a culture everywhere, it is also a 'disease' that has no cure to those affected. Haha. Kudos to the Singaporeans!

Two variants of RE30s....

The 2009 CR S2000 is also here!

Couldn't be bigger than the Alcons.

You dont have to be good looking to drive a top-down S2K with a 4-point rollcage. Haha. Black color 'cage is always stealthier than the Cusco blue.

This guy knows his stuff. Red Recaros and Takata Green CE28N on a white S2K : Bad Ass.

Imagine the F20Cs scream all the way to 9000rpm in this tunnel..

"Dreams Never End".....but I prefer the other one. LOL.

Photos taken from Singapore Honda Club, courtesy of "J-AP2".


kev said...

tons of s2ks. nice. it be a while till i can actually own a s2k. most likely when i strike a lottery or something.

i see a honda fan over here, haha. im driving my 2nd honda now. its pretty old and probably can't catch up with the newer hondas.

but aye, enthusiasm goes everywhere. "do you drive a honda?" love that tagline!

me or you said...

Hi kev,

I've been following your quest to restore the old gem since day one. Your enthusiasm and determination on the project really amazed me. You might wanna read about Scott King's S600 Roadster & Coupe in the latest Honda Tuning. Both cars looked immortal to me!

kev said...

hey, thanks man. did you came across my thread on zerotohundred? reason i posted everywhere is that i'd needed help from people all around malaysia perhaps to scout parts for my car. one of the forumers from retrosyndicate approached me and sold me the s600 side mirrors. so i guess this approach helps. but yeah, i pretty much bought parts for restoration of the exterior. i'd take a while restoring in the interior then. right now, i'd just try to start up the engine then. hehe!