Saturday, September 26, 2009

Santa Came During Raya!

It was a long holiday so I decided to do some shopping for Black Mamba in Singapore. It's been sometime since I last bought something for the car so it's high time for me to get what I wanted while the funds are still available. The plan for engine upgrades will be put aside for now as I'm going for aesthetics makeover. Don't ask me why, 2009 is coming to and end real soon and I believe that the time has come for me to stand out from the rest. Hahah......

So Ali, Ram and I went to Waterloo Centre in Singapore to get what I need. We dropped by to Mugen store and its kinda cool to see a brand new Limited Edition MR5 being displayed in front. You can get almost everything here but it has to be ordered. I was happy to get a quote for future parts purchase so we went straight to Tanly Motor to buy Black Mamba's new outer door seal. This shop (and few other shops around) sells OEM parts for Honda and you can virtually get evrything here. The Honda owners are quite lucky as Kah Motor imports almost every model to Singapore so spare parts are abundance in the market. Back again to my door seal, it was torn for sometime and I only noticed after I got the car from the showroom. We were rushing to go other places so I didn't realize that I actually bought the wrong seal! How silly.

Then we went around town to get Ram's Canon zoom lens, Ali's racing helmet, my bonnet guard...and......*jeng jeng jeng*....before heading back to JB. Pictures will tell thousand words. :-P

Limited Edition MR5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would look damn nice on EF and EG!

These are the prices you need to pay to get a full Mugen bodykit for the 2005 DC5 (Front + Rear bumpers, side skirts, wing, and bonnet). That is in SGD sir. So the total in RM would be SGD7,945 x 2.45ER = RM19,465.25. I need few more pieces to complete the Mugen puzzle..

The big book of spares at Tanly for you to browse..Most parts are in stock, so you just need to mention the part number to get it.

EGR bonnet protector. No more stone chips on da hood in SIC after this hehe.

I wrongly bought this...Argh!

A little teaser of what's coming next for Black Mamba..Can't wait :-P

Contact Tanly Motore Pte Ltd:


Firdaus Asri said...

Banyaknya gifts from Santa, aku pun nak :)

noname_yma said...

dont tell me ko order full mugen kit tuh..demm
ape barang charge speed ko tu? nmpk mcm fiber material

me or you said...


Setahun sekali je santa datang..ahaks.


Mugen aku dah ada few pieces..tgh weighing my option to buy either full bumper or just the Type-S lip..But this project is secondary. So not that rushing to purchase. but the bonnet SGD3K tu macam dah out of the story la huhu. for now ChargeSpeed tu yang primary..nak tau ape? tungguuuu..... :-P

shafiq said...

nice story much did they sell those mr5 for?20th anniversary tuh..