Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Long Break’s been a while since I updated the blog. I’ve been so goddamn busy with work since I’ve been transferred to the East Coast almost two months ago. Plus the fasting month that was supposed to be a ‘slow and relaxing ride’ was actually the other way around with my new responsibilities. Lots of projects need to be closed, lots of paper need to submitted, lots of payment need to be chased. That doesn’t include my long-standing issue with some third-party trading dickheads trying to disrupt our sole agency exclusivity by going directly to the clients with insane prices for our products. The silver bullets are almost ready, and I will go for the kill soon. :-D

I’m currently in JB now for a week long Hari Raya holiday. Before it’s too late I would like to wish all of you a blissful Hari Raya! Enjoy the break with your family and loved ones. Please be extra careful on the road during this festive season guys. I saw 4 accidents during my 4-hour trip from Kuantan to JB last week, 2 of them were fatal. So that is one of the good reason for you not to WOT. Heheh. I’m going to update few things that were supposed to be done few weeks (or months perhaps!) ago so stay tuned.....

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