Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MME 2009

Probably you guys have read other reviews about this event but I wish to share with you one of the most precious moment of my life - The unforgettable opportunity to be in the pits with the much admired Japanese tuners and drivers during the MME 2009! How cool was that? Its not just that, the first-hand experience seeing the Japanese motorsport action and watching teams professionally managing their machines were utterly awesome and left me speechless. The best part was, it all happened here in our very own Sepang International Circuit!

No words can describe my feelings when I manage to shake hands and chat with the finest Japanese drivers and the owners of the tuning powerhouse like Tracy Sports, Spoon, 5zigen, J's Racing etc; which we all grew up with. Famous 'idols' like Tsuchiya, Orido, Tanaguchi, Hattori, Ichishima etc which are adored by Japanase car enthusiasts were all here racing with their teams! It was a 'worthful tiredness' when I did get to meet most of them especially Umemoto-san from J's Racing and Ichishima-san from Spoon Sports. Ichishima was indeed a very nice chap when he made the effort to come out from the team room to talk to us! I did ask him a question I've waiting to ask my entire 7 years being a Honda loyalist:

"Did Spoon Sports really produce the rear Civic EF9 hatchback spoiler?"

He smiled and answered in his thick Japanese-accented English "No No No.......No spoila for Civic EF9!.......We made onry for Civic EG6 and EK9...No Spoon for EF..Maybe it is addar (other) brand......Sank yu for asking." And until today I'm still wondering where the hell did the term "Spoon Style" spoiler for EF came from? LOL. Enjoy the pics!

Spoon S2000, retired.

The shot that will make Azharul drool.......

Team 5Zigen Civic FD2R. The loudest in the race, but not the fastest.

HMRT Civic FD2R. Love the color scheme.

J's Racing Labs S2000. Note Tschuciya is ready to get in.

Me with Junichi Umemoto, founder of J's Racing (Barang ko mahal nak mampus la!)

Me with Naoki Hattori. I've probably been watching old Best Motoring vids too much to forget that this dude grows old. Haha.

Me with Spoon President, Tatsuru Ichishima. Check out his presidential pose. This shot is dedicated to Azharul who wasn't able to make it to Spoon pit that time. Hehe..

Me with Manabu Orido. Friendly chap.