Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 Raya Goodies - Part 3

So, how do you turn your fugly looking gear knob like this.............

Into this..??

Easy, just buy a new one..Hehee. On a serious note, there's no way I could remove all the scratches on the knob. It has been like that since I got the car. I guess the previous owner in Japan was wearing a ring on his left hand. That might result to the scratches but well, who cares. I've got a replacement OEM DC5R knob for a good price! (Which means other aftermarket knobs I've scouted to be put on hold) :)

Oh yeah I have also installed the custom shift extender last few months. It's 4" long and  inspired by Circuit Hero's 5" extender. The reason our friend Andrew made it an inch shorter is because the 5" will hit the head unit when you upshift to 3rd or 5th gear. LOL. Shifting never felt better with this extender cause you can reach the knob faster from your steering wheel!

How it looked like from the passenger view.

This is going to be the last update as tomorrow will be Raya. There's few more stuff that couldn't be installed/picked-up on time (Header, fender bar etc) so it's gonna be the next coming weeks then. I'll be dropping Mamba's gearbox the next few days for some overhaulin' so hopefully everything will go smoothly. You guys drive safe on the road ok? Eid Mubarak for all my muslim blog visitors!

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