Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brotherly Luv

A good ol' friend of mine had just purchased a mint DC2 GSR recently. Having no luck with Adlan's EP3 previously, he unreluctantly traded in his Kenari for this car. This black DC2 was obtained from a used car dealer at a very good price and the best part is the car has all the basic Type-R conversion done, including the venerable B18CR engine.

Just after couple of weeks of owning it, he has already converted to Type-R 5 lugs together with mean green 16 inch Volk TE37 and also a lot more handling stuffs from Ultra Racing, ASR, Hardrace etc. Had a good time rolling with him last weekend and it seems that he's enjoying revving the car till 8000rpm hehe. Welcome to the VTEC world buddy, now it's time to bring her to Pasir Gudang! :)

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