Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011 Raya Goodies - Part 5

One of the things I've been waiting to get for Black Mamba is an aftermarket header. After observing for sometime I reckon that most of the Japanese aftermarket headers have relatively smaller collector (2.3inch) compared to American brands like SSR, Skunk2 & HyTech (2.5inch). These brands are expensive due to the exceptional build quality and Malaysia's killer import tax regime. Some of them like HyTech/SSR are even made to order, hence the sky-high price.

Thankfully though, we have a few creative creatures around this world who actually took the opportunity to make money by replicating things average joe like me couldn't afford. Hehe. A good example is the header. I'm referring to the KiddRACING header from the States (Most K-series owner would know it come from Taiwan anyway haha). It was replicated from HyTech header, produce impressive power and cheaper by almost half from the price. Here in Malaysia I have seen more than 10 DC5s and FD2Rs using this header and also TDM (another Taiwan made header under same manufacturer of KiddRACING). As far as I know none of them DID NOT MAKE any power after installing it. So, who wouldn't want a cheap header that produces power right?

As I was pondering on getting the header from Singapore, fellow DC5 owner Andrew offered to customised a header based on KiddRACING/TDM but with improved built quality and welding  finish. Most importantly the design is revised to clear the bigger front anti-roll bar (Most DC5 owners with aftermarket anti-roll bar (>23mm) might experience the header touching the bar due to it's size). Deposit was given and few months later the header is ready. Honestly, I couldn't comment further as Andrew will be doing test fitting on his car soon before distributing the headers. But would you just look at how meticulously-awesome the thing is? I seriously couldn't wait to receive the call from Andrew soon. For now on, drool on the pics and keep following this blog. Haha.

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