Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 2012 Quick Update

Has it been 3 months since my last post? Quite a lot has been done to the car in the past months. But time has not been very friendly with me to update the blog since I'm being a dad in January.

Whatever it is, this year's plan is going pretty smoothly so far. Just need to make the right decision on couple of things and it'll be EPIC. Hehe. Here are some of the things done and going to be done on Black Mamba:

1. Mugen 5 pieces aerokit installed
2. Ings+1 wide fender installed
3. Mugen interior goodies purchased
4. Mugen airbox installed
5. Mugen front and rear tower bar purchased
6. Swapped my black Bride Exas III with a red Zeta III
7. Sold the Blitz R-VIT

Coming (still deciding on few things though!):
1. Staggered 17" Volks
2. Repaint the car
3. Ecliptech Progressive Shift Light
4. Revalve and retune my TEIN Flex c/w higher rate springs
5. Rebuild gearbox possibly with carbon synchros
6. Hasport/Innovative billet engine mounts
7. Attend track day

Will update the pics when I'm done feeding the baby.. LOL.

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