Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rigid Cola!

One of the reason why Spoon Sports remains famous among the Honda enthusiasts is because they produce simple yet effective performance products. The subframe rigid collar is a good example of simple engineering that improves a car's overall handling. These rigid collars are used to completely eliminate subframe free play by filling up the gaps where subframe and chassis meet and the bolt inserts. With the chassis and subframe 'united', the chassis stability is greatly improved, suspension travel becomes more precise, tire grips are better during driving and unwanted subframe 'noise' is eliminated.

I had the opportunity to obtain a set from a friend who had sold his car previously but never got the chance to install it. While the car was being installed with the header, I've asked them to get this lightweight aircraft aluminium collars to be installed together.

Part no is meant for FD2, DC5, EP3 and Fit GD.

Four sets for the front subframe.

The material is aircraft aluminium. Lightweight yet very strong. Beware of immitation that claimed their product is at similar quality but at fraction of the price.

Simple instruction in Japanese.

Front subframe bolt removed and inserted with the collar.

Locking it up.


Collar on the rear part of the subframe.

Post Installation Comments:

1. The installation took only around 30-40 mins without any issues removing the bolts etc.

2. I feel the car being fairly stiffer than before with these collars on! Although stiff, driving feels much firmer and precise especially when taking the corners. I'm also happy with the fact that the front of the car is not 'jumping' whenever I hit the uneven pavements. However, some of the FD2R owners didn't feel much difference after installing this probably due to their higher rigid chassis haha..

3. Have a look at the video below on how this little thing works (you can search for english version of the video though)


1. Rigid collars: RM800


1. http://www.rigidcollar.info/ (They now have their own "Rigid Cola" division to cater for other makes too! Good business for Spoon!Also take note that the rigid collars for the rear subframe is already on sale for the DC5. Do want!).


Justin said...

Great blog - Subscribed :)
You should post up your build on itr-dc5, I'm a mod on there.

me or you said...

Thank you for dropping by Justin. Appreciate that. I occasionally post on itr-dc5 since I own the DC5. I am trying to gather all the pics since I bought the car and will post soon. :)