Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Day Sunway Stood Still (for a while)

I was supposed to dynorun my car on a weekend. Not on a bloody Wednesday after work. Since the boys are damn free to get to know their latest ponies on a Wednesday evening at a bargain price of RM60/car, I decided to go through the massive traffic on MRR2 and join them at JC Racing, Sunway for the event.

The dyno result of a stock K20A engine with simple bolt-on mods of:

1. Pretuned E-manage Ultimate & V-manage
2. Open pod air filter
3. 2.3inch APEXi exhaust system (with catalyser still intact on the OEM header)

I didn’t expect the power will be 3 ponies shy of 200whp and torque of 19.6kg/m as I have seen lower figure before on a 2005 DC5 with same mods. The air-fuel ratio reading is also quite smooth thanks to the supplement of E-manage/V-manage combination. Yes the pre-VTEC mode is a bit scruffy and there’s a slight drop during VTEC engagement (note that the VTEC point has been lowered from 5800rpm to 5200rpm by those piggybacks) but the power generated wasn’t disappointing. One thing for sure I’ll make full use of the E-manages and V-manage to fine tune the graph and subsequently tweak few more horsepower from the engine.

The first step shall be: de-cat the exhaust with test pipe before getting an aftermarket header!

The verdict: K20A is amazing.


crower said...

At least you got the guts to go for a dyno run...hurraahh

me or you said...

is there anyone 'gutless' to go for dyno? :-P

crower said...

wink wink