Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Unplanned Success.

I was out of breath that night. More than 20 DC5Rs came for the informal gathering at Aman Suria. We then headed to Putrajaya for the unplanned photoshoot and the result was not bad at all. Photoshoot area was very very dark but Hezz, Alex and Elaine made full use of their Nikon and Cannon DSLRs.

Here are some final pics from Hezz's blog. The black & white scheme did bring the classy look out of the Tegs. I still can't get the pics to be linked on my blog or upload the full sized. Bummer.


Next plan - To gather FD2Rs, EP3s, DC5s and other K-powered cars at a place. Perhaps MHCC, HOC, HCOC days are over?

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