Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have already bought my air ticket to Europe during MATTA fair. And I thought I can spend on my Black Mamba once I have bought the ticket. I was wrong. I have to save up them doughs again since I will be travelling to Czech, Italy, Spain and Scotland. Not fair. Instead of getting those DC Sports ceramic header or Toda, I decided to choose the cheapest way to release another 2-3 horses from the engine - by removing the catalyzer.

I sent my car to JFA Exhaust (Al-fatihah to the late Saudara Jaafar) in Sunway as they are one of the best exhaust customizers in town. Took me about an hour to get the cat removed and the de-cat pipe installed by Dino, one of the specialists in JFA.

This is the catalyzer. Quite heavy

2.5" De-cat pipe being welded

Job well done.

The restrictive and environmental-friendly webbing of the catalyzer. They just have to go.

Post-Installation Comments:

1. Power - There is not much difference in terms of power deliverance (I believe that the Type-R catalyzer is already a high-flow catalyzer), but I reckon that the revs are much smoother before and after the vtec engangement. The sound of the exhaust has not much changed either, but I do have fire popping at the back sometimes. Haven't done any dyno yet tho.

2. Fuel Consumption - I still managed to clock 455km with a full tank of Shell green petrol worth RM72 (Decent driving, shifting at every 3,500 - 4,000rpms with occasional vtec engagement). That is already considered economical for a high-revving 2,000cc engine.

3. Cost - RM150.00 for mild steel. Quite reasonable. Purposely ditched the idea of using stainless steel as the aftermarket header is waiting for me once I return from Europe. Price could be cheaper if I bring another Jawa to nego with Dino.

At the same time I am also sad that with this setup will release the CO2 gases to the air. With the earth getting warmer everyday, I think I should be playing my part in conserving our beloved planet earth.

Forgive me Mother Nature for contaminating the air with DOHC iVTEC gases, but horsepower is very vital to me at this present moment. :-P

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crower said...

Wanna do your bit for mother nature ?

Ditch your DC5 and get a bicycle....