Monday, November 16, 2009

Blissful Evening at Tung Chun Racing

While waiting for Black Mamba to get her new shoes installed, Ram picked me up to go to Tung Chun. It's been a while since the last time I visit them. As always, the workshop was full with fleet of Hondas from EG to FD2R doing basic servicing, engine rebuilding and tuning. But the two cars below caught my attention and I waste no time to take the pics using my phone.

This time attack DC5 is being prepped for an event in SIC next month. It is currently pumping 320hp of pure N/A power complete with a wide-bodykit from Buddy Club.

The dashboard is full carbon fibre. Yes, the whole dashboard. Malaysia Boleh!

This is a Buddy-Club ProSpec exhaust for Civic FD2R. A friendly reminder for Fahrein to get this before its being sold to someone else.

This EG is running on K24 with internals every petrolhead could dream off. Its a daily beater c/w airconditioning and power steering. And it has four pieces of Toyo R888 semis to keep it on the ground. Car was built by the man in the picture, the Jackie Chan of K-series. Heheh.

Hasport, BDL, Mahle, Toda...You name it, he got it.

The coolest mod on this EG interior - S2000 cluster covered with carbon fibre housing. Everything on the gauge is functioning, not a single thing missed. I wish I could have done this on my EF! "CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT" as what Hezz said before. Bravo Tung Chun!


Jubaque said...

1 nice EG there! GO MAlaysia BOLEH!!

Clayton said...

Cab you send me where you got your vss signal converter for the s2000 cluster in eg?

Clayton said...