Monday, November 16, 2009


Last weekend I met couple of friends for coffee in Kelana Jaya. One of them (name not to be disclosed hahahah) surprisingly came driving the rare Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R M-Spec NuR. It is mouthful to even say the full name but I don't mind spelling it one by one for you. LOL. The thunderous RB26DETT turned many heads to the stealthy black Godzilla as he was looking for a place to park. He settled down, came out from the car (with a cocky face hahaha but it's ok since he's driving a GODZILLA. Really.) and joined us for supper.

The monster RB26DETT under its hood is no longer stock. The brain is now MoTec, the heart is a set of high lift camshafts (presumably Tomei ), the lungs are a set of bigger turbine unit and the excretion system is Trust PE-TiR exhaust ; all good for 450whp.

After two glasses of iced coffee and countless story sharing, Aaron and myself were offered for a ride (after we threatened the owner that is hahaha). We had to be selfish and we had to ditch other friends as this is probably the only chance we'll get in our life to be in an M-Spec Nur GTR! So here you go, turn on your speaker volume and listen to the scream of the Godzilla; a car that seperates MEN from the boys.


Firdaus Asri said...

If you uprate the final driver of the Mamba can follow this Gozzila or not?? Hehehehe

me or you said...

LOL. even with F1 final drive also I dont think mamba can even come close to this godzilla. this car is pulling effortlessly to 200kmh.

Leo said...

Oh wow, cool! We should meet up. Would be nice to see another fellow Nur owner! =D