Wednesday, November 4, 2009


After 10 days of waiting, I finally received another external part for my car from the USA. It is a pair of.......carbon fiber Spoon side mirrors! These lightweight mirrors will suit pretty well with Black Mamba's *ahem* new appearance soon. Although the Ganador aero mirrors look way cooler than this typical Spoon solid style, the fact that its price tag of almost RM2,000 turned me off instantly. I know that somehow rather I will get the Ganadors...but for now these mirrors will work just fine.

No tax! HAHAHA. Kawtim oredi with the seller.

Stealthly packed for custom purpose, no sign of expensiveness could be seen from the packing :)

Eh. This photo don't you think it looks like the Mentadak Mentadu (Praying Mantis)'s head???

Lightweight........means the car will go faster.

No money = no blue mirror for me.


A Yasir said...

Abg Meor seksi, nakeeeed uuuuu....

Aaaauuuuwwww nyaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

On a serious note, bukan Spoon side mirrors only come wit Flaberg blur [ blue ] tint HiD - blunt mirrors kah?

me or you said...

LOL.... Panas time amik gambar nih.

Yeah it was supposed to be blue mirrors, but i requested to change to normal mirrors. I'm color blind and couldn't see clearly using the blue mirrors..especially at night. :D

btw im going back to JB later...boleh drop by and see hows the CL7 doing...manalah tau kot2 dah pasang AP Racing 6 pot BBK ke kannnn? AHAKSSSSSS

Firdaus Asri said...

Kalau lah aku pakai DC5 memang teracun giler tengok blog nih hehehe

me or you said...

Masih belum terlambat boss.......hehe.

noname_yma said...

vision/spoon mirror ni much way better than ganador one..
u will never go wrong with black..
u will never go wrong with spoon..haha

shafiq said...

brape harga pinangan spoon side mirror ni bro?