Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Darkside - Part II

Okay, finally I managed to gather the pics for this post. This favourite wheels of mine were installed about two weeks ago at Era Maju in JB. To those who never heard of Era Maju - they're one of the most reputable and succesful tire shop in Johor. Being the authorized dealer for Toyo Tires, they also have vast choices of sport rims for Japanese and Continental cars.

I've been searching for the RPF1 since day one, but couldn't find the black version even in Singapore. So I went to Era Maju and found this set lying there for sometimes. It belongs to one of our local racer and the size is 17 x 7.5JJ with an offset of +48, perfect for my car. After discussing for few times, the owner decided to part with it and I waited no longer to ask Era Maju for a color change. The color of choice is matte black, pretty similar to the SSR Type-F. For the wheel change, I re-use the RS Sport tires as it is still good for another track day or so (No excuse to change brand new tires haha).

Some of Era Maju's customers. Check out the intercooler on this E46.

A very nice 350Z with DAMD kit.

A lady is driving this. Those BBS are sick!

While waiting I heard loud rumble at the back of my car. It came from this yellow Porsche.

So here's the final result of the Darkside Part II project. Car was dirty as hell! Also check out the front Modulo bumper lip I installed the other day. Hehe.

After washing the car few hours ago... I've got the red Enkei decals being put on to give it a contrast to the black rims.

It's not that wide.....should have gone for 17 x 8JJ et+35 hahaha..

Black Mamba looking ferocious with new shoes...

Post Installation Comments:

1. The stance of a 7.5inchers doesn't look too agressive, especially from the back. Next wheel change its gonna be at least 8inches wide.

2. Perhaps I need to lower down the rear shocks. Car looks a bit high at the back.

3. Costs: Used Enkei RPF1 with new color - RM4,100; Brand new Modulo front lip from Honda Access - RM1,200

Visit Era Maju:

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