Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Civic FD2 Type-R Conquered Sepang!

I was invited by a friend of mine to join this one of a kind event in SIC two weeks ago. It's the Civic Type-R Track Day organized by Honda Malaysia for the owners of the latest Civic FD2 Type-R. Malaysia is the only country outside Japan that the Type-R being officially sold by Honda and to date almost 200 (!) units are prowling on the streets of Malaysia..Thats quite a big number for a sports sedan with a RM200,000 price tag. As a gesture of appreciation to the owners, this event was hosted for them to really feel the purpose and potential of a Honda with the red emblem.

Thanks to Fahrein a.k.a Freen for the ride. No unintentional signals or wipers turned on during the slalom event means either he's good or he's prepared. He accomplished third for the mini-autocross event with a very calm and composed 'octopus hands' action. Ha ha ha...

Enjoy the Type-R porn below!

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