Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rev for iPhone!

Ladies and gentlemen, as at now most of us already know how purposeful an iPhone can be. Apart from being a conventional phone, there's another 50,000 thousand reasons to own it. This is one of them:-

I have seen (and used) couple of other automotive/motorsport applications like the G-meter and Dynolicious for the iPhone but I find this 'Rev' is much more special. Why? Because you can actually perform real-time datalogging of your vehicle via the OBD interface! Unlike the Dynolicious and G-meter which uses GPS signal (the signal sucks most of the time especially in Malaysia), Rev is directly connected to the ecu and it shows all of the essential parameters of your car. Not only that you can do all sort of car performance recording, you can also diagnose any problems that you have on the engine and disable the check engine light. It saves your money and time in a long run since OBDII will require diagnostic tool to detect and reset errors on your ecu (reminds me of my EF that runs on OBD0 - whenever there's a check engine light pops on, I will have to look at the ecu for LED blinks that represent the error codes. Very primitive, but costs less. Hehe)

So to you guys who owns an iPhone, spend a little bit of your money to get the appropriate cables, and get this application from App Store. I will definitely get this real soon. Here's the link of the developer with all the information you need:

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Pa'ie said...

yeah but u have to buy the connector...and the applications...